Royal ancestors to Nycander´s

All source below is from Oscar Nycander´s book plus added information afte 1909 by myself.


Here I present my line way back to the Swedish King Carl Knutsson Bonde. Below is a picture of myself and my wife Victoria.


I am a descendant of the Nycander family with roots back in the 900-s. According to the great genealogist Oscar Nycander I have relatives like the King Harald Hårfager and the king Knut Knutsson Bonde (three times king in Sweden). Down here I present my line down to King Karl Knutsson Bonde.

1) My mother is Birgitta Persson was born in 1934 in Stockholm. She has done an impressive body of work as an amateur genealogist.
She is married  to Sven Persson born in the south of Sweden 1930. Sven has his own  blog.

Birgitta PerssonSven75

2) Her mother, my grandmother Jenny Hansson was born Brodén. She lived between 1907-1967. She was married to Arne Hansson (1901-1994).


3) Jenny's  mother, Rea Brodén,  was born Nycander, my great grandmother. She lived between 1876-1969. I  met her several times in the late sixties. She was married to a Swedish bank director Josef Brodén.


4) Rea's father was Carl Magnus Nycander (Born 31th of April in 1831 and died in 29th of April 1909)  who spent many years working in different areas of Europe setting up "gymnastic-institutes. He was a Swede, married to a German woman, Bertha Müller, from Bremen. They had many children born in different European countries. For example Rea was born in Brussels, Belgium.


5) His father was the captain Carl Axel Nycander born on the 10th of October 1796 in Finland (which at that time belonged to Sweden). He died at the 21th of March of 1860. He was maried to Charlotta Johanna Hansson born 1798 in Marstrand and died in 1888 at Torp. As I understand Oscar Nycander has written another book about relativies of Charlotte Hanson.

Carl Axel NycanderCharlotte Hansson

6) Carl Axel Nycander's father was colonel  Carl Nycander born in Helsinki on February 13th 1757.  He fought many wars.
Carl NycanderMärtha Hägerflycht

He was married to Märtha Christina Hägerflycht born 3 of August 1772 in Stockholm. He died in Stockholm 21th of July 1826. She died in 1838. Carl Nycander is the ancestor of the Peruian line of Nycander´s. He had a son Berndt Otto Nycander (Born 10th of October 1811 , he died 23 of march 1869), Berndt Otto was married twice and had several children. Below is pictures of him and his wife

Berndt Otto Nycander and wivies'
One of Berndt Otto´s Nycander´s son from his second marriage Bernt Axel Nycander (1858 11th of October->22th of September 1907) settled down in Peru with his wife Marguerite Chabaneix.


Marguerite´s father was from Bordeaux, France and her mother was from Arequipea, Peru.  Bernt Axel had five children. Nr 2 Axel René born 1892 20th of October is the grandfather to Eduardo Nycander see further his link

Another  brother of Berndt Axel was Oscar Nycander himself, the great genealogist.

Oscar Nycander

7) Märta´s father was colonel Johan Axel Hägerflycht born in 1733 . He was married to Märtha Margaretha Dalmanson (1745-1790).

8) Johan Axel´s mother was Magdalena Catharina Falkenberg (1712-1803). She was married to Johan Gustaf Hägerflycht (1704-1736).

9) Magdalena´s father was liuteanat colonel  Conrad Falkenberg (1674-1723). He was married to Brita Maria Cedercrantz (1682-1759).

10) Conrad´s father was Carl Falkenberg, county governor (1644-1697). He was married to Magdalena Maria Bjelke.

11) Carl Falkenberg´s mother was Catharina Bonde (1617-1652).  She was married to Conrad von Falkenberg, county governor (1591-1597). A picture of Conrad is shown below.Conrad von Falkenberg

11) Catharina Bonde´s mother was Beata Oxenstjerna (1591-1621). She was married to Carl Bonde to Lajhela.
Carl Bonde was a  minister in the goverment of Sweden.

12) Beata´s father was Gustaf Gabrielsson Oxenstjerna (1551-1597. He was also a  minister in the government of Sweden. He was married to Barbro Axelsdotter Bjelke (1556-1624).

13) Gustaf´s mother was Beata Ericsdotter Trolle. She was married to Gabriel Christersson Oxenstjerna, minister in the goverment (died in 1585).

14) Beata´s mother was Catharina Ericsdotter Gyllenstjerna. She was married to Eric Arfvidsson Trolle, minister in the goverment who died in1529.

15) Catharina´s father was Eric Ericsson Gyllenstjerna (died in1502) married to Anna Carlsdotter (died in 1552).

16) Eric´s mother was Christina Carlsdotter Bonde born in 1432 . She was married to Eric Ericsson Gyllenstjerna, minister in the goverment (died in 1477).

17) Christina´s father was the Swedish king Carl Knutsson Bonde (1409-1470) married to Birgitta Thuresdotter Bielke (born in 1

The Line from King Harald Hårfager to Carl Nycander

1) Harald Hårfager, King of Norway (ca 850, died eafter 930).

2) Son Sigurd Rese, King of Ringerike

3) Son: Halfdan Sigurdsson, King at the Oplanaden.

4) Son: Sugurd Syr, King of Ringerike, died 1018, married to Asta Gudbrandsdotter.

5) Son: Harald Hårdråde, King of Norway, born ca 1015, died 1066. Married to Thora Thorbergsdotter.

6) Son:Olof Kyrre, King of Norway, died 1093.

7) Son: Magnus Barfot, King of Norway (1073-1103).

8) Son: Harald Gille, King of Norway, died 1136.

9) Son:Sigurd Mund, King of Norway (1122-1155).

10) Son: Sverre, King of Norway (1152-1252).

11) Son: Hakon den unge, King of Norway , died 1204.

12) Son:Hakon den gamle, King of Norway (1204-1263) married in 1225 with Margareta Skulesdotter (died in1270).

13) Son; Magnus Lagaböter, King of Norway (1238-1280) married 1261 with Ingeborg of Denmark (died in 1287).

14)Son: Hakon Höglägg, King of Norway (1270-1319) married 1299 with Euphemia af Rügen (died in 1312).

15) Daughter: Agnes married with Haftor Jonnson at Sudreim (died in 1320).

16)Son Sigurd Haftorsson at Sudreim, married to Ingeborg Erlingsdotter.

17)Daughter: Agnes Sigurdsdotter married to Jon Martinsson Stjerna at Sudreim.

18) Daughter: Catharina Jonsdotter married to Alf Harladsson at Manvik (died ine 1412).

19) Daughter : Gro Alfsdotter married to Matts Jacobsson Römer to Sigerstad.

20) Daughter: Gertrud Mattsdotter married to Nils Lagesson Posse, minister in the government 1487.

21) Son: Axel Nilsson Posse to Hellekis, died 1551 married to Anna Axelsdotter.

22) Daughter: Elsa Axelsdotter Posse married 1548 to Axel Ericsson Bjelke, minister in the government, died 1559.

23) Daughter: Barbro Bjelke (1556-1624) married 1580 with Gustaf Gabrielsson Oxenstjerna, minister in the government (1551-1597).

24) Daughter: Beata Oxenstjerna (1591-1621) married to Carl Bonde to Lajhela, minister in the goverment (1581-1652).

25) Daughter Catharina Bonde (1617-1652) married to Conrad von Falkenberg, county governor (1591-1654).

26) Son: Carl Falkenberg, county governor (1644-1697) married to Magdalena Maria Bjelke (died in 1676).

27) Son: Conrad Falkenberg, colonellieutant (1674-123) married to Brita Catharina Cedercrantz (1682-1759).

28) Daughter: Magdalena Catharina Falkenberg (1712-1803) married to Johan Gustaf Hägerflycht, captain(1704-1736).

29) Son, Johan Axel Hägerflycht, colonel (1733-1805) married to Märtha Margareta Dalmansson (1745-1790).

30) Daughter: Märtha Christina Hägerflycht (1772-1838) married to Carl Nycander (1757-1826), ancestor to the swedish line of Nycander.