Gustaf Fredrik Nycander is the ancestor to today´s Nycanders in Finland though nobody has the name Nycander anymore in Finland.

There where a lot of Nycander´s  living in Finland when it belong to Sweden. After 1809 only Gustaf Fredrik and his descendents lived in Finland. He had 2 daughters Ulrique Lousie and Sofia Maria.

Ulrique Louise was married to Samuel Georg Smalén and they had 5 children. Only 1 child Samuel had children (4).

Sofia Mari was married twice. First time with here halfcousin subleutanat Anders August Fabritius. They had 2 children.
In her second marriage with the priest in Nurmijärvi Karl Isak Wallenius she had four more children. She had a lot of grandchildren. More information in the pedigree section. How many descendant that are living in Finland today I have no clue. All information are welcome.


There is a street in Hangö that is named after Carl Nycander since he was the last commander at Hangö fästing. It is called "Nycandersgatan" which is swedish for Nycander street.  See the maplink here.