Peru is an important Nycander country.

Bernt Axel Nycander was the first Nycander in Peru. He started of in december 1881 at the french firm Braillard Hermanos & C:o. During the year 1882-1899 he was partowner of the company and the mananger in Peru. He went back the autumn 1900 to Europe and settled in Paris. However he went back to Peru in 1902 to care of his financial intrests.

During his first period he had aquiered a wealth in cotton and some silver, gold and borax mines. He also had 2 real estates in Mollendo.

With is wife Marguerite Chabaneix  he had a son Axel René and 4 daughters (Adrianna, Estella, Mary and Maria) that all was born in Arequipa, Peru. Bernt Axel also died in Arequipa.


The children of Bernt stayed in Peru. Estala´s children and grandchildren however settled in Canada and in the USA.

There are several Nycanders in Peru today. There are a company dealing with coppar runned by Nycanders. There is also Eduardo Nycander rainforest expedition out in the Amzonas and in the Andes. There is also a famous radiolegend Roy Morris Nycander.