Nycander in Sweden

In the year 1980 44 persons lived in Sweden (Source the CD Swedish people 1980) with the name Nycander. Of course several more persons are related to the first Nycander. How many I don´t know but I will try to do a calculation later on.

The second Petrus Nycander, priest in Åland became ancestor to several people with names like Björn, Bäckman, Enegren, Hollberg, Nikander, Nisslé, Salonius, Sjölund, Svebilius, Tjernetskij, Tjäder, Wahlström.

Descendants to Gustaf Fredrik Nycander, brother to Carl Nycander are Fabritius, Hobin, Lönnblad, Nyberg, Smalén, Wallenius and Wullf.

Counting from Carl Nycander (1757-1826) who had 11 children he had descendant names likes Brodén, Dorpg, Ekman, Ekstrand, Engelhart, Engström, Forshell, Hallman,, Hanson, Hellberg, Hellgren, Holmberg, Leyonmark, Linder, Matern, Mellgren, Norlén, Psilander, Risberg, Rosengren, Schulz, Soleirol, Tegnér, Tjerneld, Wahlgren and Widell.

Another man with a lot of children was Carl Magnus Nycander. At his death in 1909 his wife and daughter gather at a photosession, see below. There was a son Henry but he is not in this picture.


Name: Standing from left. Calla, Julia, Rea, Vera, Bertha.
Sitting from left. Anna, Bertha and Frida.
Mella was not attending the funeral living in Germany, thinking the journey was to long. Henry was in the USA. (source Charles Soleirol de Serves).

A phothocollage made by Julia of  Nycander´s in 1902. She was very interested in photography.


More photo below from my great grandmother Rea Brodéns photo album.

Sven Dorph diector in teh Swedish Bank

cm nycander
Bertha and  Carl Magnus Nycander         Carl Magnus Nycander            Carl Magnus Nycander

Henrynycander 1889

Henry Nycander 1889


Anna Nycander married to Architect Victor Dorph. Their villa in Lidingö.


Ingrid Dorph with Topsy 1920