Nycander, Carl Magnus

 Carl Magnus Nycander 1831-1909

Född 1831-04-12 i Åsbräcka. [1]
Död 1909-04-22 i Göteborg. [1]

Carl Magnus Nycander. Född 1831-04-12 i Åsbräcka. [1] Död 1909-04-22 i Göteborg. [1] Professor.
f Carl Axel Nycander. Ansedel Född 1796-10-10 i Hangö. [1] Död 1860-03-21 i Stockholm. [1] Captain.
ff Carl Nycander. Ansedel Born 1757-02-13 i Helsingfors. [1] Died 1826-07-21 i Stockholm. [1] Colonel.
fff Nils Nycander. Ansedel Born 1714-10-27 i Stigtomta. [1] Died 1781-05-25. Sub-Lieutenant .
ffm Elsa Streng. Ansedel
fm Märtha Christina Hägerflycht. Ansedel Född 1772-08-03 i Stockholm. [1] Död 1838. [1] fmf Johan Axel Hägerflycht. Ansedel Född 1733. [1] Död 1805. [1] Colonel.
fmm Märtha Margareta Dalmansson. Ansedel Född 1745. [1] Död 1790. [1]
m Charlotta Johanna Hansson. Ansedel Född 1798-04-09 i Marstrand (O). [1] Död 1888-12-16 i Torp. [1] mf Magnus Hansson. Ansedel Född 1748-06-16 i Örebro. [1] Död 1830. [1] Major.
mff Magnus Hansson. Ansedel Född 1722 i Örebro. [1] Död 1772 i Örebro. [1] Custom manager.
mfm Christina Catharina Lönroth. Ansedel Född 1723-12-12 i Täby (T). [1] Död 1773-12-12 i Örebro. [1]
mm Britte Louise Kilman. Ansedel Född 1767-04-14 i Marstrand. [1] mmf Olof Kilman. Ansedel Född 1734 i Bruddalen. [1] Merchant in Marstrand.
mmm Lovisa Bildt. Ansedel Född 1745-09-04. Död 1828-02-09.

He was born in April 12, 1831 at Åsbräcka manor in Västergötland. He was the son of captain Carl Axel Nycander. In September 3, 1845 he was enrolled as a cadet the Armed Forces Staff College at Carlberg, where he was awarded two medels for "progress of the sciences". When he had passed the officer's exam in November 1849 he was appointed second lieutenant at the Royal Västgöta Regiment. In 1851 he was ordered to study at the Royal Gymnastics Central Institute in Stockholm. After passing the examination in 1853 and in 1855, after some years' stay in France, Switzerland and Italy and in some other countries partly in orther to cure his health and partly to study physiotherapy, he was appointed lieutnant and in 1856 he resisgned from active service to be able to dedicate himself to Swedish gymnastics. In 1859 he was employed as a physical training master in Uddevalla Upper Secondary School and in 1860 he was appointed head of the volantary sharpshooters' Corps in Uddevalla. As a token of his ardour for this task he was awarded a sable of honour by the Corps. In 1861 de founded an Institute of Swedish Physiotherapy in Copenhagen and headed it successfully until 1871, when he left it to his collegue Ove Krarup. He started a similar institute in Brussels in order to introduce Swedish physiotherapy in Belgium. In December 1878 he sold the institute and moved his activities first to Bremen and then to Hannover, Germany. In the same year he started to practise salt-water physiotherapy at Norderney, an island in North Sea. In 1895 he returned to Sweden and settled in Guthenburg, where he started an institute for education of physiotherapists. During his 40 year long activity as a physiotherapist Nycander was one of the advocates abroad of Swedish Physiotherapy and he contributed to make the name of Sweden well- known and appreciated within his profession. By publishing of some of the papers given below he has tried to spread the knowledge of physiotherapy and the blessing of a natural way of living. He was also well-known as a constructor of a large number of orthopedic apparatus. In June 26, 1866 he was given the name of professor with honour and dignity by the Swedish Goverment. In May 27, 1871 he was made a knight of the Royal Order of Vasa and in November 1871 of the Royal Order of Dannebrog and in 1880 of the Royal Belgian Order of Leopold. He was a member of several medical societies as well as a honorory member of the Belgian Leage of Physiotherapy. He has written and published the following papers: 1. Beschreibung mit Abbildungen von Prof. Nycanders Pantagon (Allesbeweger), ausgezeichneter Apparat für Zimmer-Heilgymnasik. 2. Ein Rath an Mütter wie sie Rückgrats-Verkrümmerung ihrer Kinder verbeugen sollen. 3. Anleitung zur freien Bewegung des menlischlichen Körpers. 4. Du massage et de son application dans le traitement de l'entorse. 5. Le traitement par la gymnastique médicale suédoise dans les maladies du coeur. 6. Apercy sur les déviations de la taille. 7. Svensk gymnastik. 8. Musik- og respirationsgymnastik for klaviespillere og sangere. 9. Comparaison au point de vue thérapeutique de la gymnastique médicale suédoise avec l'hydrotherapie.

Gifte och barn
Bertha Louise Müller. Ansedel Född 1847-03-13 i Bremen, Germany. [1]
Död 1935-11-23. [2]
Gift 1865-04-15 i Bremen, Germany [1]
  Vera Augusta Nycander. Ansedel Född 1886-06-17 i Hannover. Germany. [1]
Död 1977-02-12 i Göteborg. [3]
  Henry Nycander. Ansedel Född 1882-09-27 i Bremen, Germany. [4]
Död 1956-07-30 i Ängelholm. [3]
  Rea Louise Nycander. Ansedel Född 1876-07-02 i Brüssels, Belgium. [1]
Död 1969-09-21 i Skövde. [5]
  Irma Augusta Nycander. Ansedel Född 1874-01-13 i Brüssels, Belgium. [1]
Död 1883-08-30 i Norderney.
  Axella Bertha Nycander. Ansedel Född 1872-05-27 i Brüssels, Belgium. [1]
Död 1963-06-21. [2]
  Julia Nycander. Ansedel Född 1871-07-04 i Köpenhamn. [1]
Död 1951-11-21 i Göteborg. [5]
  Mella Johanna Nycander. Ansedel Född 1869-10-21 i Köpenhamn. [1]
Död 1963-04-30. [2]
  Anna Fransiska Catharina Nycander. Ansedel Född 1868-08-22 i Köpenhamn. [1]
Död 1951-06-21. [2]
  Frida Charlotte Matilda Nycander. Ansedel Född 1867-01-22 i Köpenhamn. [1]
Död 1945-12-22. [2]

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